Things You Need To Know About Binary Trading

Things You Need To Know About Binary Trading

If you are interested in trading, the stock market, shares, currency, banking, the thrill of doing things online and the thrill of making money, you need to take a look at Binary Trading.

But exactly what is Binary Trading?

In the same way that people today can do online dating or online banking, people can do online trading.  Binary Trading is exactly that, online trading.  You join a site, complete your profile and have a look at what is on offer online.

Think about online dating.  You can make a new friend, find love or have a disastrous experience.  Online trading can be the same.  You can have a fair experience, get rich, or lose everything.    If you’re dating and feeling fragile or wounded, it is best to stay away.  With online trading, if you don’t have money, it is best to stay away too.

Look at to understand how you do it and what is at stake.  This is a site that can guide you regarding the ins and outs of Binary Trading.  It is a simple process.  You choose a commodity with the help of a broker and you say yes or no to a trade.  You do need to be aware, do some analysis and then, take a leap of faith and put your money where your mouth is.

It is not really a leap of faith. If you have done your homework and some analysis, and have a good Broker to lead you, you should become a successful online Binary Trader.

If you have some money to trade with, it’s a really good idea to learn, research and then take a chance with Binary Trading.  Once you have the hang of it, you are no longer taking any chances.  You make informed decisions that if done correctly, will work in your favour. talks about the odds and statistics.  They will teach you how to find the good time to trade, how to be disciplined and how to make predictions.  They will offer you a wide range of Brokers, and you can choose to have one or many, to help you with your decisions. 

Making an invest in binary options is a facility that is available to everybody since the minimum investment sum is very low. This allows people who have a low budget to still invest and make a profit. With control risk management, you will never lose more than the amount you originally invested. This fact makes this trading a lot safer than any other types of investments.

Basically, help you to strategize.

So let’s go back to the analogy with online dating.  You look at various profile pics, read the BIO and make a choice.  Binary Trading is similar.  You look at various commodities, read up about them and make a choice.  The difference is that you do not do it alone.  You have a Broker help you analyse and strategize.  Like dating, choose the option that is most attractive.

You may find love.  You may find money.  You may not do it immediately, although, if you strategise well, you will.  And if you follow the advice and some of the rules on you are likely to win. 

With dating, there are no demo models! With Binary Trading there are.  You can participate in a few demo models before choosing to go live.  You can also choose your Broker and be very aware of all the fabulous incentives that are on offer. 

There are many binary options out there so do your homework.  We suggest you take a look at

How Investments Can Help You Get A Green Card To The United States

Did you know that it is possible to get an American Green Card through investments in the United States? This post explains how, who is eligible and what the requirements are.

The EB-5

In place since 1990, the EB-5 is a government initiative that offers 10,000 Visas and Green cards annually to entrepreneurs and their families (including spouses and unmarried children below 21) who are keen to invest in the United States. The investment is usually in the form of cash ($1,000,000 or $500,000) paid into businesses or commercial enterprises that will employ at least 10 qualified United States workers per investor.

In recent years, this particular investment has become very popular. Back in 1990, during its inception, interest was strong but the bureaucratic hoops to be jumped where too stringent and many interested immigrants failed to qualify. Now, with the more favourable legislation, more companies (especially construction and even fast food companies) are getting interested in this and the renewed confidence in the scheme is resulting in more investors pouring in. In 2010, about 1,885 visas were given out, by 2013 it was 8,564. In  August, 2014 a whole two months before the end of the fiscal year in October, the entire allotment of 10,000 visas had been taken by EB-5 entrepreneurs. In 2015, 10,000 visas were gone by the 1st of May.

As more and more investors indicate interest in this program, opportunities burgeon not only for them, but for their families, especially children. The investment does not simply swap the money for the Green cards, but the investors are able to obtain dividends of at least 1% on the investment while getting the Green cards as an added bonus, ostensibly so they can monitor their investments and the employees they have hired.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant is required to be ordinarily admissible to the United States. The condition of the applicants family does not matter, however, it will affect that particular family member from being granted access as well
  • The applicant has obtained a completed Form I-526, which is the application form for Alien Entrepreneur
  • And finally, there is at least one immigrant visa available.

The Chinese

According to statistical data from the US government, Chinese nationals in Taiwan have taken especially to the idea. Middle class and upper-middle class Chinese are flocking to the United States using this scheme. According to a report published in the New York Times, up to 80% of the applicants annually are from China. In many of the cases, the patriarch of the family applies but continues staying in China, while the family makes the most use of the Green cards given to them. This had led to the assumption that for most of the families applying, the biggest benefit is not the investment dividend, but the opportunity for their children to gain permanent residency in the United States.

According to government released figure, investments through the Alien Entrepreneur Visa program totaled over $379 million in 2013, for the state of New York alone, a figure which accounts for only 19% of the total revenue accrued from the venture.